Henna Cafe


Manisha Trivedi

Manisha Trivedi, the artist behind “Hennacafe” is a Boston based professional henna artist with over 20 years of experience with henna body art and has been doing art since a very young age . She is known for her unique style of blending traditional and contemporary henna designs, intricate artistry and speed. She has provided henna / mehndi for weddings, bridal showers, fundraisers, corporate events , University events , birthday parties and many more. She teaches workshops for colleges, schools , and libraries as well as offering henna lessons. She is one of the finalist of 2014 Maharani weddings henna competition and awarded Wedding wire Couples’ Choice, 4 year in a row.


“As I was growing up, my fascination turned into a hobby, and hobby turned into a passion and eventually fulltime business. And here I am after 25 years since my first henna design. Henna / Mehndi helps me in expressing my feelings in a way I could never express by any other means. Henna / Mehndi has been my artistic and creative outlet and is so versatile and can be used traditionally at weddings or modernly on candles and other products. I am always experimenting and hope to continue to keep learning. I love how Henna / Mehndi breaks all cultural, age, religious boundaries and helps me connect with people of all backgrounds!”


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@hennacafe_designs – boston henna artist. Professional Henna Artist, Boston, RI, VT, NH, NY, destination

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